3 Must-Have Tools You Need to Boost Your Multichannel E-Commerce Productivity

Success is a central objective of every webpreneur. You cannot invest your coins on a course you’re certain it will fail. All you want is to earn a coin for a coin. With the innovation of e-commerce, selling online is now a norm. Both newbies and veterans are moving their businesses to the virtual platforms. Due to this competition is scaling heights.

For you to maximize your earnings, you must come up with strategies of reaching out to more customers and harnessing your sales. Multichannel e-commerce is one approach to enhancing your customer base. However, for it to be successful, you need tools to help you harness your sales. The tools are crucial in enhancing your customer engagement as well as managing your inventories. Here are the top 3 must-have tools if you are seeking to improve your sales:


Do you want to give your online business a back-office experience? If so, BrightPearl is the best bet. This multichannel e-commerce software harnesses your online store management. As an essential tool, BrightPearl enables you to give your e-commerce business a virtual back-office experience. This software comes with inventory management. Also, it has customer relationship management (CRM) and financial management features. With this, you will always have a real-time date of your investment. However, this tool has some shortfalls.  One, this software lacks order processing management. With this, you will have challenges managing your order fulfillment. Again, it does not offer pricing policies. Hence you cannot know how much you will pay to use this tool. This can be a big challenge.


As a customer, you need to test any tool before considering it as part of your business management accessories. You do not want to spend your dollar on an ineffective tool that will not harness your productivity. For this reason, a multichannel e-commerce software that offers a free trial is a good idea. Linnworks is a such a tool. You have a period of 14 days free trial. The period allows you to familiarize with the tool and determine whether it is worth for your venture or not.

You can assess its effectiveness in harnessing your online presence and online marketplaces management. Also, the trial period gives you excellent store management at a zero cost. However, it can only operate from one computer. Since it does not have a cloud option, it is only limited to stationary locations and limited users.

In a word, these two multichannel e-commerce tools are crucial in enabling you to boost your online sales.


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