3 Negative Aspects On Which Multichannel E-Commerce Can Damage Your Online Brand

About 40 years ago, talking about online selling appeared like a dream. People could not believe it was possible to buy and sell virtually. By then, meeting physically and negotiating about the product you want to buy or sell was the best idea. Down the line, things are no longer the same. Selling online is now a reality. You do not need to meet the seller to buy their products.

Apart from this multichannel e-commerce is taking shape. This approach allows you to sell the product to your customers based on their likes and preferences. You reach to the customers through their favorite buying point. With this, you have a chance of boosting your profits. However, is this a good approach? While selling through various channels is beneficial to your business, it can damage your online brand. Here are 3 ways it can do this:

Cripples your ability to keep your promises

Your business success is a product of the successful fulfillment of your customer promises if you promise them to deliver products within a day or two. You must fulfil the objective. However, multichannel e-commerce comes with a large number of orders. You receive orders from a variety of channels. Unless you engage competent staffs and have effective systems in your business, order fulfillment will be in crisis. Customers will receive what they did not order or send the wrong items to the wrong address. As a result, you will have a batch of disappointed customers. They will move on to spend ideas about your incompetence on other online forums hurting your venture brand. This way, you will lose sales and have a crippled business.

Inability to control your brand

One advantage of multichannel e-commerce is enabling you to find customers on different selling places. You enjoy traffic that you did not spend coins to attract. Despite this advantage, you open a door of misfortunes. As you know, each of these channels has its terms and conditions. You must adhere to them without missing one. So, even if the policies hinder your product branding, you have no option. You can either adhere to the conditions or exit the channel. This way, you fail to realize your objectives.

You do not take the entire bread home

Unlike your online store, engaging other channels affects your profits. Most of the online marketplaces charge a commission on every sale. This means you do not go home with the whole share. Hence, if profit maximization is your objective, multichannel e-commerce is a bad option.


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